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Clients and Services

EastPoint Valuations services and reports are tailored to client requirements. Reports incorporate many innovative features to make them user friendly to best solve clients’ property problems. Services provided include:

  • Mortgage Financiers – valuation, risk analysis, feasibility studies and progress payment reports.
  • Solicitors and Lawyers – Expert Evidence, Valuation Reports for Family Law, Property Settlement, Compensation for Compulsory Acquisition.
  • Companies, Superannuation Funds and Trusts – asset valuations and insurance assessments.
  • Local Government and Statutory Authorities – asset valuations for financial reporting, asset disposal and acquisition.
  • Owner-occupiers and investors – proposed sale or purchase whether selecting the right property to purchase or in determining the best time to sell, and importantly, how much to pay or ask. We also advise on appropriate purchase and exit strategies.
  • Accountants and Solicitors – valuations for Stamp Duty and Capital Gains Tax.
  • Town Planners, Engineers and Surveyors invite EastPoint Valuations to form teams for Special Projects requiring multi-disciplinary expert advice to clients.

Client Groups Include:

Banks, Credit Unions, Financiers, Mortgagees
Solicitors, Family Lawyers, Conveyancers
Superannuation Funds, Property Trusts, Executors,
Trustees, Owners’ Corporation / Body Corporate
Companies, Institutions
Local Government, State Government
Owners, Buyers and Sellers, Owner-occupiers,

Experts Consulted
Where necessary EastPoint Valuations engages or recommends clients engage Town Planners, Surveyors, Engineers, Building Inspectors, Quantity Surveyors and Lawyers to ensure that the appropriate level of advice and information is available for soundly based property solutions.

Property and Information Database
Most valuers rely simply on the sales information available in proprietary databases. In addition to these sources, EastPoint Valuations has designed its own Property and Information Database that has grown to over 90,000 enhanced property and information records.

We believe that
‘Information is not knowledge until it is in the hands of those who can turn it into value.’
We invest in proactively building this database so it is readily accessible to help us provide you with the best level of advice we can, as efficiently as possible.

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